Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The key to waiting.......

I sketched a mocking bird then added some interesting fabric to the background.

Printed image of a mocking birds head, water colour paint wash on the paper and I sketched my version of the image.

Collarge of images and drawings in my to kill a mocking bird sketch book.

Collarge of Buicks also in to kill a mocking bird sketch book.

Elaborate lettering.

Paint washed background, photo copy of a bunch of keys and rubber stamp lettering.

Enchanted key with colourful swirls and curls.

Lately I feel like I am constantly playing the waiting game.  At the moment I am waiting for Thursday to come so I can enrol in Art college. Then a new chapter of my life will begin and I will hopefully have something to focus on. Whilst playing the waiting game I have been scribbling away in my sketch books.  I have been experimenting with some new techniques, like colouring the background using water colour paint washes or a nice batik fabric embellished with stitch. I have thoroughly enjoyed passing the hours by scribbling. I have looked at hundreds of sketch books on the Internet and each one is personal to its owner.  The great thing about keeping a sketch book is there is no right or wrong. I now have over a dozen or so sketch books, dating back from 2005 when I was introduced to the idea of keeping one for my City & guild Course.  I love looking back through them seeing how my work has grown and how my style has changed.  Yesterday I was thinking of what I am going to do for the name tags at our November area day. At the moment I am very drawn to elaborately decorative lettering. So out came the sketch book but i soon found myself travelling down a altogether differnet path and suddenly I was sketching and cutting out images of keys. I thought I would share some of the pages from yesterdays sketch book journey.


Kath said...

How exciting, a new chapter indeed!
I just love those keys xx

cookie said...

Hi Susan, how great to enroll in Art College. Your sketch book is great.
I like your drawings.


Susan said...

Hi Kath I am surprised you don't keep a sketch book your a fantastic artist. :)

Hi Kerstin thanks for the compliment. do you keep a sketch book? :)

Leanne said...

You are going to be top of the class when you start Susan, Your drawings are amazing

Susan said...

Thanks Leanne but I don't know about that lol x I am going with an open mind and just enjoy the hole experience anything else will be a bonus xx