Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Stamps and stenciling....

Stenciled images. Positive and negative.

Foam stamps glued to thick card.

A few weeks ago I subscribed to Design Matters TV, presented by Linda and Laura Kemshall. I appreciate that their style of work does not appeal to everyone but for me I find a lot of their work very inspirational.  Have you ever been to a quilt show, seen an art quilt and wondered how on earth the maker has achieved such a piece of work? Well I have, on many occasion.   In Design Matters TV Linda and Laura present many tutorials showing a wide range of techniques. Including how to dye fabric, make stamps, stencils, what paints to use, what mediums they use, so on and so on. In fact the list is endless.  I am truly hooked on these tutorials and decided to try out some of the techniques, in my sketch book. I really liked the images I created a few weeks ago using keys as a subject matter.  Today I bought some foam sheets from the £ shop and here is my first attempt at making stamps.   


Kath said...

The stamps you made have turned out really well. There's something fascinating about keys. I have quite a few old ones that I collected just because of their shape.
You look like you had fun with this.

Susan said...

Hi Kath. I havge been having fun for the last two afternoons. Just fancied doing something other than sewing. Mojo still not quite right yet. xx