Sunday, 15 January 2012

Funky city........

Mind map for the project the city.

Photographs of building glued into sketch book.

Stone heads on the bombed out church.

Parts of buildings and stone heads drawn in ink onto handmade paper.

Made funky foam stamps from parts of buildings

Stamped the images on ink washed background in my sketch book.

Stamped the images onto cotton fabric.

Close up of images on fabric.

I have been working really hard today doing lots of research and experimenting for the new project "the city".  I have fell in love with the stone heads on the bombed out church. I have took lots of photos of various buildings in Liverpool city centre and these have given me lots of inspiration. I have decided that my final piece will be wearing the city. I now have to find away of transferring the images on to fabric. So far the best way t do this is by making my own funky foam stamps.  I thought I would share my printed fabric so far. I hope to eventually make a garment from my printed fabric but that's in the future as I need to experiment further.

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