Friday, 6 January 2012

St Lukes.

The new project in college is the City. So with my trusted camera I  set off to see what images I could capture to begin my research. My first port of call on my walk was St Luke's church better known as the bombed out church. Designed in 1802 by John Foster senior and completed in 1831 by his son John Foster junior. It is notable for its large number of male and female heads that cover the building.  Sadly the church was bombed and suffered terrible damage during the second world war in 1941. It was never repaired but it was purchased, with its garden, by the city council to be used as a place of rest and tranquillity after the war. I pass the bombed out church twice a day but I had never stepped foot inside its grounds until yesterday.  I can honestly say it took my breath away, it truly is a place of beauty. Even on a cold and windy day the sun sneaked through a cloud and shone down on one side of the church and it looked like it was made of gold. What treasures we have right there in plain sight yet we can quite often fail to see them.


judith said...

Susan. What a profound little posting. You are not alone in never having been inside the church. I must go one day soon.
Judith xx

Kath said...

That's lovely, I have a "thing" for churches. We have several in our town and I love to take a close look at the architecture, the doors and the carvings.
I am interested to see waht you do with your photos now.

Gwen said...

What a lovely way you have with words! You are quite right, we don't appreciate what we have under our noses! Maybe I will have to put that right and put it on my list of "to does" xx

Gwen said...

oops! should have read "to do's" ............I think!

Susan said...

Hi Judith it is such a lovely place to sit and have a picnic. Sometimes there is music being played as it is often used as a place of practise for bands and groups.x

Oh Kath snap I have a thing for churches too. They are such interesting places.x

Gwen you are to kind. x