Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sketching and sewing.

The new sketch book starts.

Part photo part sketch,

One panel complete.

Close up of part of the first panel.
I have been shut away in my sewing room all day today in an attempt to get on with some work. I started the day by cutting out and organising the photos I had taken and printed of Liverpool city centre. Next I began to put them into a new sketch book for the city project. It is very early days so I do not yet know where this project will take me . Today I looked at the ornate patterns on parts of the buildings in some of the photos.  A few hours later, I felt I needed a break so I decided to crack on with my wall hanging.  However, this took complete hold of me and several hours later I had finished the first panel as well as doing quite a considerable amount of work on the second panel.  I feel I have done enough for one day so the couch, a drink, a big bar of chocolate and a chic flick will end the day off nicely.


Susan said...

Just found your blog . I am sure I will b returning alot. I am Susan as well and the name of my blog is SusanSews. :) I live in the USA in the state of Texas, Ia m 63 with 3 grown daughters and 3 grandsons.I crochet sew quilt and do alot of other crafts.

Susan said...

Welcome Susan or should I say Susan sews, well great minds think a like hey. You sound like quite a busy lady but I hope you will call again soon. x:) susan

Gwen said...

well done on your productive day! the panel is coming along very well, I can't wait to see it when it's finished! x

jan said...

Amazing work young Susan. You are really talented.
I am proud to know you.
jan xxx

Susan said...

Hi gwen you may get a sneak preview on wed as i need a little advice. xx

Ar Jan thank you for those lovely words. xx