Friday, 20 January 2012

Pencil heads.

Original image and sketch done with coloured water pencils.

Original image and sketch done with just one coloured water pencil.

Mono print of the two heads on white cotton fabric.
I know I have said this in the past but I am truly blessed to be a member of the Liverbirds. On Wednesday my very generous friend Janet brought lots and lots and I mean lots of fabric for a raffle. I won two very generous bundles, however there where 22 of us and we all won two bundles (see what I mean by lots).  If that was not enough my lovely friend Hilary gave me a box of water colour pencils. I adore water coloured pencils, I use them in my sketch books quite a bit. Today I decided to give my newly acquired pencils a try out and they are just lovely to draw with. They are very smooth and make lovely marks on the paper. I have also tryed them out on fabric and they work a treat. As you can see I am still working on the City project, the third picture is a mono print I have created which I hope to layer and quilt tomorrow.


Gwen said...

fantistic drawings Susan! you are very clever! I love your wall hanging too, so lovely to see the real thing! You are quite right about Liver Birds, Janet is very generous with her fabrics and time, I'm so glad that Barbara gave her that beautful crocheted cloth, I felt that Janet went home with something as well as everyone else! xx

Susan said...

hi Gwen thank you, but I wouldn't go as far as to say I am clever hehehe. Yes i sgree it could not have gone to a better home. it defo had the wow factor go barbara. xxxx

Lana said...

Hello dear friend! Since I didn't hear from you at Christmas I thought this was the only way to track you down!! Did my Chrsitmas card, letter and pic arrive?! I hope to hear from you soon...but i see from your blog you are very busy! What beautiful work you do!!! Such talent my friend!!!
Lana in Canada!!