Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cruising on by.......

Photographer on the rocks.
The Crystal Serenity leaving Liverpool.

I am standing at the edge of a thin ledge just before the rocks my heart was in my mouth. Even more so when Colin decided to climb down the rocks to get a good shot of the cruise ship.

Crosby beach and marina.

Anthony Gormley's Another place.



Lin said...

Love your pictures, especially the one of the rocks and the boat throught the metal work. Did you get the email with my address?

Caz said...

The ship through the metal work is my favourite picture,,can't say why,,,, it just has 'something'!

Susan said...

Hi Lin just checked my email but sorry nothing from you hun. I will send you my address via your blog. :)
Hi Caz it was really lovely to watch it sailing past. :)