Sunday, 18 August 2013

Southport flower Show

Beautiful garden sculptures.

Just one of the many gardens this was golf themed.

I adore any daisy style flowers and I fell in love with these dwarf Echinacea.

This rusty poppy seed heads where about five foot tall and would look amazing in the right settings.

Gorgeous spiral glass blown wind charms.

Amazing sunflowers, they where huge.

A glimpse of one of the show tents this was the vegetables.

Now that's a vegetable stall.

Simon Rimmer from Channel 4's Sunday Brunch being interviewed by Paul Crone from Granada Reports.

Creative Arts Labyrinth. I am a member of the creative arts programme but I did not take part in the Labyrinth project.

I ate my lunch with these little guys whilst their mother was not to far away keeping a watchful eye on me.

This lady demonstrated these three flower arrangements which where then given as a raffle prises. I bought a ticket but sadly I did not win, they where simply gorgeous.

As I departed the show due to the heavy rain and the fact my pumps where soaking I spotted the name of the street that the flower show is next to.  I can assure you this row is far from rotten and has the most amazing big beautiful house on it. If you look closely you can just make out a couple in the distance.


Leanne said...

gorgeous photos Susan, that vegetable stand is amazing.

Kath said...

I liked the wind chimes, how unusual.

Caz said...

The vegetable stall is brilliant!!

Lin said...

Thank you Susan - super photos. I love the colour of the Echinacea and I also want some of those poppy seed heads!

Susan said...

Hello ladies thank you all for your comments. x :)

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Do you ever get to Chinley or Chaple on leFrith? My parents came from there in 1957 to Canada. I want to get this area sometime. I just love your posts about the local areas and travels in Britian!