Sunday, 11 May 2014

Free demonstrations.

Look what I made yesterday! I went to see the free demonstrations at Southport craft centre on Lord Street (which is one of my favourite shops).  Angela Puck the proprietor invited the very talented Karen Mackie to do free demonstration through out the day and I went along to have a nose. I was not disappointed, I didn't realise you could actually sit down and have a go at the demos. I spent a great couple of hours chatting away and crafting. Karen was so lovely and showed us endless amounts of things you could do with all different types of glues, glitter and beads. Needless to say I walked out the shop with several Pro marker pens and a few stamps. Well I really couldn't resist but I did restrain myself  (almost).


Lin said...

Love them Susan - and who could resist a few purchases! xx

Susan said...

It was a lovely Lin, a couple of hours of crafting with such lovely people. I had a ball. x:)