Friday, 25 July 2014

Day trips with the fambo.

Wednesday, Colin and I met Michaela and Cole in Southport and had a fab afternoon.
Natalie and Paige, saying hi to Grandma giant in St Georges hall.

We also met Alice and the White Rabbit outside the Central Library.

Here is my fourth Journal fabric postcard. Yes I am addicted to making these little works of art.
I have been totally enjoying spending lovely days out with my family. Making the most of the great weather we have been experiencing as of late. On Wednesday, Colin and I caught up with Michaela and Cole and had a lovely afternoon in Southport. Then yesterday Natalie, Paige and I went into Liverpool town centre and visited Giant Grandma in St Georges hall. What a lovely bonus when we met Alice and the White Rabbit, we also met Iron man but that photo is on Natalie's phone. Today I met Heswall Quilters and spoke about my quilts. What a great group of ladies they made me so welcome. Later, Colin took me to Thurston Common for a picnic lunch, it was bliss just looking across at Wales. Then a visit to his sisters, Karen, where we enjoyed sitting in the shade drinking cold drinks in her lovely garden. After a busy day I decided housework could wait so I went into my sewing room and yes you guessed it, made another journal fabric postcard. I scribbled this idea a few days ago and when I began to make it I was not sure it would work but once I added the sketchy stitch to the birds it all fell into place. You see Joan, I told you I was far from finished with them "Funky birds " lol. I hope you to are all enjoying a lovely summer.


Kath said...

lovely photos. Michaela always looks so stylish.
Glad you are enjoying the sunshine!

Susan said...

Thanks Kath hope you are to huni x:)

Lin said...

Another lovely card Susan and great to spend time with the family. xx

Susan said...

Thanks Lin. you got to make the most of the summer holidays before i know it September will be here and I will be back to uni and head down X:)