Monday, 18 May 2015

Sam Scarecrow.

Meet my new friend his name is Sam he is a Tilda scarecrow. I am a big Tone Finnagan fan and have almost all her books that are translated into English. I have a list as long as my arm of Tilda projects I'd like to make and this beautiful scarecrow was on the list.  As you can see I am still on a sewing roll and loving every minute. Yesterdays sewing was to make his dungarees, I rummaged through my stash and found the perfect piece of fabric but oops I cut it wrong :o However , I realised we where going over the water to have lunch with the in-laws so I persuaded Colin to detour to Dots (quilters needs) in the hope that I would get another piece of the fabric. I knew this was along shot as it was quite a number of years old. Dot knew the fabric straight away but said if she had any it would take a year to find it (I agreed you have not seen anything like the amount of fabric dot has). Whats a girl to do? Oh yes of course buy some new fabric. I couldn't decided between two so I just had to get them both. This means I need to make another scarecrow!

Quilt update: I have almost finished my seaside quilt top just one more block but it is a big one and will take a little longer that the others.  I was a bit ambitious thinking I'd have it layered, quilted and bound by tomorrow for Liverbirds. Still its coming along nicely and that's all that matters.


Caz said...

Love the square crow,, cute.

Kath said...

How lovely! That's funny you should mention Tone Finnanger. I bought a second hand book "Sew sunny homestyle" and fell in love with one of the dolls. I managed to get some suitable fabric at Malvern last week and plan to start sewing tomorrow!

Lin said...

Sam is lovely and the dungarees are great! Hope you have a good time at Liverbirds. xx