Thursday, 28 October 2010

A commission:

A couple of weeks ago a dear friend (Judith) commissioned me to make two journal covers one blue and the other red. I was excited and very flattered that she asked me. Other than the colour requirement the covers were left to my own imagination. I knew straight away the soldering iron had to come and off I went fusing and cutting voiles and felt. This project was great fun, just being able to go with the flow was so relaxing and very inspiring. I was so pleased with the end result and I hoped Judith would be to. Last night I gave Judith the books and held my breath. Phew!!!! she was delighted with them and even showed them to the Liverbirds at show and tell. I was so glad they got such a positive response, it has boosted my confidence no end.

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Kath said...

They are gorgeous Susan, you needn;t have worried, anyone would be over the moon to get these. You are very talented :D