Saturday, 30 October 2010

MMMMM á cushion maybe????

Last week I was given several quilted blocks and was asked if I could make them into a quilt. Unfortunately, the blocks where????? errrr! mmmm let me think? arh yes all different and a quilt was not the answer. I had to think on my feet and the only useful thing I could make were cushion covers. I picked out the best of the blocks which amounted to two and here they are. I was going to return the other ones to the lady who gave me them but mysteriously they disappeared. I can only assume they where accidently thrown out with the rubbish whoops!!!!!

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Kath said...

A great recycling idea! I particularly like the Christmas cat and my word verification is CATIE.
Thanks for your comment, it made me laugh!
How is your little cat?