Friday, 29 October 2010

Treasure Pot:

A couple of weeks a go another dear friend of mine had a bag bonanza and costume jewellery was on sale to. At the end of the day we still had a lots of necklaces, bracelets and earrings left. As I was helping to put them away it suddenly dawned on me! Many of the pieces of costume jewellery could be taken apart and would make fantastic embellishments. I donated a couple of pounds and filtered through the remaining items and here is the result. A lovely glass jar that holds the most wonderful treasure of beads of all shapes, colours, textures and sizes. I have already delved into my new treasure trove and embellished Judith's journal covers. The blue beads came form a bracelet and the read embellishments began life as a necklace. There is also the element of satisfaction that I have recycled and saved my self a few bob all at the same time. In this current financial climate that can only be all good.


Kath said...

Oh you are a girl after my own herat!

Kath said...

Heart even DOH

Susan said...

ha ha! all that glitters may not be gold but can still be treasure hey Kath x