Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Pink shock:

A few weeks ago my sister Natalie asked me to make her two baby quilts as gifts for her friends daughters.I could chose any design I wanted but both quilts had to have the girls names on and pink and white was the colour scheme. I was itching to make a start. As you can see I opted to use the delightful Sun Bonnet Sue block for Lorna's quilt and the delight bunny from Tone Finnagan's book Spring Gifts. As usual I ran out of fabric for the sashings and borders but a quick trip to Dots (Quilters Needs)solved that little Hick up. tonight I managed to finish both quilt tops and I am hoping to layer and quilt them tomorrow but you know what they say about the best laid plans and all that? so we shall see what happens. Natalie is delighted with both quilts and is looking forward to giving them to the little girls.


Kath said...

They are so pretty Susan, you are very talented. These little babies are going to be very cosy under your lovely quilts.

Gwen said...

they are gorgeous Susan! I hope you can bring them on Wednesday, finished or not!!

Susan said...

Thank you for your comments ladies as always they mean so much x