Thursday, 9 August 2012

Get the Victorian look.

The Fashion Museum.

Dame Helen Miren as Queen Margaret  in Henry VI  1977 Royal Shakespeare Company.

 Dame Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth 1 2005.

Juliet Aubrey as Elizabeth Bowes Lyons in Bertie and Elizabeth 2002. Wedding dress.

Lady Paige in her Victorian undies.
Paige and I crammed in as much as we possibly could in the four days we where in bath. We visited the Fashion Museum and thoroughly enjoyed it but sadly we where only allowed to take photographs of the current exhibition and not in any other parts of the museum. The current exhibition was Jubilee: Dressing the Monarchy on stage and screen and it was really good. Here are just a few pics of the many costumes on display. We had a good laugh in the dressing up room. I couldn't possibly show the two photographs Paige took of me trying on a very Jane Austin bonnet, there positively frightening.  However, Paige looks fab in her Victorian corset and underskirt. You would not believe how heavy the underskirt was and how tight they wore their corsets. When you see how dainty these woman where they look like tiny little dolls. Totally fascinating, I love history.

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