Friday, 10 August 2012

Oh Mr Darcy.........

Jane Austen Centre

Women's dress during the regency period was inspired by Neo-Classical style.

Captain Francis Austen. Under dress Naval Uniform 1805. 

Our next port of call was the Jane Austen centre and boy where we in for a treat. I am a big fan of Jane Austen I love all her books and I think I have seen every single adaptation of her novels on the box. Like most, my favourite is Pride and Prejudiced, even more with Colin Firth  playing Mr Darcy. The centre is situated at 40 Gay Street but it is believed that Jane resided in 25 Gay Street for a few months following her fathers death, with her mother and sister Cassandra. Apparently the six years she lived in Bath was not a happy time for Jane and during this time her writing seemed to stop. However, Jane's first  recorded visit to Bath is in 1797 staying with her Aunt Leigh-Perrot.  Her experiences during this time resulted in the novel "Northanger Abbey" which was originally titled "Susan" (and what was wrong with Susan for the title I ask?). After a fascinating talk and tour of the centre, Paige and I took the weight of our feet but gained more weight by eating the most amazing Lady Catherine cream tea, delicious!!

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