Monday, 13 August 2012

Bath Abbey.

The Life of Christ in thirty five panels by Sue Symons 2007.

The year 43 the Romans invaded Britain, in c60 they begin to develop bath as a spa and as a centre of Pagan worship around Baths hot springs. It would appear that ever since some form of place of worship has resided on the site that Bath Abbey now stands. I adore places of worship I always find them fascinating, the architecture, the history and they are always very peaceful and relaxing places to visit. Bath Abbey was beautiful and when we went inside I discovered there was an exhibition on by an artist called Sue Symons. In 2005 Sue began work on her first book, one man's journey to heaven and it is this that is on display at the Abbey. The original art work, known as Bath Abbey Diptychs relates the life of Christ from Annunciation to Ascension. In 2007 the Abbey purchased the complete works and it was on display when Paige and I visited the Abbey. It is amazing one panel consist of a illuminated paper manuscript whilst opposite is a textile    piece. It truly is amazing to see, such detail that has gone in to each piece I was in awe.


Lin said...

I just had to google her Sue! There are some lovely pictures under cooldesignscrapbook although there are no descriptions. What a treat to see such beautiful work.

Susan said...

Hi Lin, I googled her too, didn't find as much as I would of liked too. Yes it was a real treat to see. Some people are so talented. :)