Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Has spring finally arrived?

DH the Photographer.
I walked to the top of the sand dune you can see in the distance.

Yesterday the sun was shinning and despite a little bit of a bracing wind it finally felt like spring had arrived. DH needed to take some landscape photographs for his photography course and we set off to Ainsdale woods. When we arrived at the spot he wanted to photograph I took myself off to the nearest highest sand dune and took some photos of the scenary myself. It was so peacful I could have sat there for hours, just letting time slip away. When Colin had finished taking his photographs we continued to walk through the woods when we came across a pond that was absolutely full of frogs. I said arrr look she is carrying her baby on her back to which Colin replied 'no babe its mating season their having a bit. In fact look at them all its a frog orgy'. Laughing and moving swiftly on we continued on our journey to Southport and had a lovely alfresco lunch. I was also treated to a trip to Marshside quilt shop and Colin bought me some lovely cream fabric before setting off home. He sure knows how to show a girl a good time does my DH. x   


Kath said...

I'd enjoy seeing more of Colin's work, I loved the photos he took of your beautiful daughter.

Gwen said...

hotos are nice, it's ages since we went there, we used to have a caravan in Formby and spent many happy time around the sandhills with the kids!I think those frogs are actually natterjack toads which the area is famous for! What a lovely time they were having! lol!x

Susan said...

Hi Kath you can see Colins work if you click on his blog which is one of the ones I follow or if you google Colin Pierce Photographer. X

Hi Gwen yes it was a free for all and so many of them. It is a lovely place and virtualy on our door step. X