Saturday, 6 April 2013

Oh dear not sure..

that the fabrics I have chosen work for this particular pattern. This morning I was up before the birds and decided to sew all the Pineapple blocks together. I even ironed the little pile of triangle corners. I now need to add a thin cream tone on tone border, then the little triangle border followed by the last outer boarder maybe the borders will add more definition to the blocks????? I think I might name this quilt Paracetamol and Ibuprofen as I have been dosed up on both due to the cold and would not have been able to sew with out them. :)


Caz said...

How about naming it Para-Fen?? The colours are nice,, but a little too light for me.

Lin said...

Looking at the picture of the whole quilt I think they work really well - the pattern stands out nicely. Very prettySusan.

Joan Mc said...

Wondered where you were! Hope you are feeling better. You have done a lot of sewing. I think putting a border on somet

imes does lift a quilt top. I really like the bags, a good idea for leftover squares. Your daughter looks lovely, I don't know how they stand the cold!!
luv Joan Mc

Susan said...

Hi Caz oh thats a good one thanks x :)

Hi Lin and Joan I have put the three boarders on and it has pulled it all together. I have decided to get it professionaly quilted but the lady is on Holiday at the min so will be a while before I pop a pic of it on my blog. :) x