Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Keswick and Lake Derwent.

The Pencil Museum

Lake Derwent

The Photographer at work

Yesterday DH and I set off to the Lake District to the town of Keswick, a 13th century market town 'Kesewic' meaning farm where cheese is made.  However we did not go for the cheese but the breath taking scenery of Lake Derwent and a trip to the pencil museum.  The weather was a bit hit and miss, cloudy with the sun trying its best to peep through occasionally but strong bitterly winds made the day very cold. The winds where so strong that unfortunately all the boat trips along the lake had to be cancelled.  Still we had a great day and once again I was spoilt when Colin bought me a set of ink intense blocks from the shop in the pencil museum.


Kath said...

That's so weird, because last night we watched a DVD where they went to the pencil museum and I said to DH, oh that looks really interesting and he rolled his eyes at me!
How do you use the blocks? do you use them like pastels sticks?

Caz said...

I also saw a prog. when someone visited the pencil museum. Looks lovely up there,, by the lake!

Susan said...

Yes you use them like pastels but they are ink and when you add water they become fluid and make the most vivd colourful marks. I have them in pencil form also lovely to work with. The pencil museum was fun all about the history of how they mined the graphite from Borrowdale mine just up road. hehe The place was really lovely to visit but then all the Lake District is stunning.x

Lin said...

The blocks sound good - I too have the pencils which are lovely. Super photographs.