Monday, 15 April 2013

Playing with colour....

Hand dyed fabrics

Scrunching the fabric creates these gorgeous crystalised patterns.

Added a silver metalic pen to this page but sorry I did that now.

Here I have added text using a tipex pen.

This page is all dye and I have tried to use the spoon to make marks.

On this page I have added some intense water colour paint nad again the white tipex pen.
Every evening I become a taxi drivers widow as DH goes to work and this is when I create, sew, quilt and draw, last night was no exception. I have been trying to sort out my sewing room but I have to say I am not getting very far. Whilst going through one of the draws I came across the remainder of the procion mx cold water dyes, I bought sometime last year to dye fabric based on a Design Matters TV tutorial with Laura Kemshall. I remembered my good friend Gwen gave me a bundle of lovey white Egyptian cotton so I decided it was time for another dying session. Here is the end results using three primary colours, golden yellow, vivid blue and magenta red. Sadly I ran out of fabric before I ran out of dye, not wanting to waste it I used the remaining dye to play in my sketch books. I created the swirls using the spoons that I mixed the dye with.  Laura's technique is fun, mess free and the results are amazing. I already have a quilt in mind using these fabrics but I need some cream fabric to go with them so it looks like trip to Dots (Quilters Needs) is required.


Kath said...

OOh lovely! I am very partial to tie-dye, it is known here as "Glastonbury camouflage" LOL

Caz said...

Lovely died fabrics,,,,,

Susan said...

Thanks Ladies :)x

jemima said...

Love how you dyed these fabrics

Lin said...

Gorgeous fabrics Susan and lovely sketchbook pages. I love working with procion dyes, they are so vibrant.