Sunday, 8 December 2013

A trip to Nottingham.

Nottingham Trent Uni

The Council Exchange Building In Nottingham City Centre.

Christmas Market in the towns square

Statue of Robin Hood just outside the castle grounds.

Part of Nottingham castle.

The grounds in Nottingham Castle.

Nottingham Castle.

Wollaton Hall in Nottingham.
Wollaton Hall was Wayne Manor in the 3rd Batman film "The Dark Knight".
I have just come back from a three day trip to Nottingham.  My niece Paige attends Nottingham Trent Uni where she is studying for a Law degree.  I went with my sister Natalie and we had a great time. We visited Nottingham castle but very little of the the castle remains as it was burnt to the ground during the civil war in the 16th century. Today stands a beautiful 17th century manor in its place and  it is a Art Gallery and Museum. We enjoyed the sites and sounds of the Christmas Market in the town square and browsed around the shops. Before we left for home on Saturday we called in to Wollaton Hall and Deer Park. This is a gorgeous Elizabethan House built by Sir Frances Willoughby During the 16th century. The mob of the civil war also tried to attack and burn Wollaton Hall but Willoughby was very paranoid and had the house heavily armed. He even had a small cannon facing Derby Road which I assume was probably where the mob could gain access to the house.  Today it is owned by Nottingham Council and it is a Natural History Museum. Situated in acres of deer park it really is a beautiful place to visit.


Leanne said...

such a pretty place, glad you had a good time,

Lin said...

Nice memories of Nottingham Castle - my sister in law was at Nottingham Uni and my brother at St Johns when they met. Later my brother was Chaplain at Nottingham Uni for 10 years so have had a few visits there. There is a building that I have not seen where the fascia is based on a lace design - I would love to see it.

Susan said...

Thanks Leanne. :)

Hi Lin, How interesting I will try and find out about that next time we visit and let you know. I know Nottingham was big in the lace industry back in the day. :)