Saturday, 21 June 2014

My take on "Vintage Charm".

The prep work begins.

A page from my sketch book, researching what vintage means to me.

The gesso is dry so I can now commence drawing my images.

Yey! I have finally started my piece for Harrogate this year, so far so good. I need to pop the application in the post first thing Monday as the deadline to receive the application is rapidly approaching. I don't think I will get anymore done today as I am babysitting my gorgeous little man tonight and tomorrow, weather permitting, we are going the beach. However,  I plan to get really stuck in next week and I am really excited about it. 


Lin said...

Intriguing Susan -0 looking forward to seeing this progress. Enjoy your day. xx

Susan said...

Hi Thanks Lin X:0

jemima said...

Is this your Harrogate piece? Xx

Susan said...

Hi Jemima thanks for dropping by. Yes it is. The theme this year is Vintage Charm. Wish me luck X:)