Monday, 9 June 2014

Somerset travels.

The Venue for the Wurzels.

Cheddar Gorge

Climbing Jacobs Ladder at Cheddar Gorge over 200 steps.

Neckerchiefs at the ready for Party on the Pier with the star attraction, "The Wurzels".
I have just returned from a fabulous three day trip to Weston Super Mare with my sister Natalie. The trip was arranged by my brother-in -law who works there quite a bit.  It was a chance for Natalie to meet his work colleagues and enjoy a few days away and where one of us goes the other goes too. We where really lucky because the weather forecast was for thunder storms but we had nothing but glorious sunshine. Whilst there we visited Cheddar Gorge. Wow! what a gorgeous (pardon the pun) place. We had a great day but Jacobs Ladder finished us off, it was a mission to climb the 200 or more steps.  My legs where shaking so much when we got to the top I couldn't go on to climb the further 48 steps of the look out point. We came back down bought an ice cream and sat on the open top tour bus. Later that evening we went to see the Wurzels, Party on the Pier. I made Natalie and I a gingham neckerchief each so we could blend in until we opened our mouths that is (lol). It was a great night the people where so friendly and despite not understanding what they where saying we had a ball and danced our little legs off.  We both fell in love with Somerset and will hopefully go back again one day in the not to distant future.


Caz said...

Glad you enjoyed your little trip in to Somerset! I climbed Jacob's Ladder,, once! And then I did the look out tower!! I like Cheddar Gorge,,,,,,beautiful!

Lin said...

We always visit Weston when in UK as we have very good friends there. Never been to a show on the pier but I do love the new pier and amazing how quickly they rebuilt it after the fire. I love walking along the prom and there are some very good charity shops in the area! xx

Susan said...

Hi Caz Wow I am in ore I was a wreck of shakey legs when I got to the top could not manage the look out point. :( Maybe next time.x:)

Hi Lin, We where told about the fire but some locals are disappointed that you are charged a £1.00 to get on the pier. We went for a meal at the Coves resturant which was amazing it over looks the Marine lake. We didn't have enough time to go in the shops. X:)

Mary Ann said...

I'd love to go day. I've been to other parts of England and Wales but never that far south west.