Friday, 9 January 2015

A new sketchbook...

Inspired by a Christmas solider decoration given to me by Michaela and a quote I came across on the net.

This page was inspired by the sadness I felt when my uncle Billy had just passed away.

This page was inspired by the fact that I made a big pot of chicken soup a real blast from the past and when I saw the image on the internet it made me laugh.

My cute little guy always make me smile.
Practising whismiscal face inspired by Suzi Blu. I don't feel this page is finished maybe it needs a quote?
I decided on the 1st January that the new year had to start off with a new sketch book. I have done random doodles each day, sometimes adding a inspirational quote. I think my favourite page so far is the little clown. He belonged to Michaela when she was a teenager, we haven't got a clue where she got him from.  He used to sit in a little wooden car that she made in woodwork, on the fire suround.  I don't even know what happened to the car but the clown has been pinned to my notice board ever since I moved into the flat. Maybe he is my favourite because so far it is the only drawing that has been drawn from an actual object whilst the others where ideas taken from the Internet and then I adapted them to suit my needs. It wasn't until several days into the sketch book that I read a post on "tonesandtints blog" and discovered a sketchbook challenge  AJW Sketchbook challenge is run by Palma of A Creative Journey. I wish I had know about this before I started my sketch book as I like the idea of having a pre-determind list of ideas of what to sketch daily. I found by day five I was struggling to think of what I could draw. I have not joined that challenge but I might take a few of the sugestions on the list when I am stuck for inspiration in my own little daily doodles.


Joan Mc said...

Happy New Year to you!! Wondered how you were as no blog. Love the bike, what a great present. I always look forward to your sketches as its something i've never done except when necessary, C&Gs. New Year at Southport quilters yesterday, next month Dot and a workshop the next week !!! Will take some money. Luv Joan

Susan said...

Hi Joan my lovely happy new year. Ooooo a dot work shop Im jelous. I will post more sketches just for you tomorrow hahah XX

Lin said...

Great pages Susan. xx