Friday, 23 January 2015

Some sewing for a change.


Today i was supposed to be doing research for my DD2000 module that is due on 4th of March but instead I went into my sewing room and made several fabric postcards. The first one was not meant to be a fabric post card it was going to be a stitched collage for the Standfast and Barracks brief but it did not get that far. I decided to turn it into a vintage style postcard. The second one is a thank you card for Tanya who lives in Bermuda for the lovely surprise Christmas card she sent me. I have been meaning to make her one for weeks but just never got around to it. However, I saw this image on a birthday card and new it was exactly right for a thank you card. I did a quick sketch and transferred it to fabric and appliqued it to the background of my fabric postcard. I don't think Tanya reads my blog so I feel pretty safe that I can share this we you and it will still be a surprise when she receives it. I hope to get over to the post office and pop it in the post tomorrow. I can not show you the other two cards I made as I know the people who they are destined for occasionally read my blog so I will save them two for another day.


Lin said...

Lovely cards Susan - I especially love the vintage one. xx

jansmusingagain said...

Super work, all of it Susan, you are so talented, I am always amazed how much it varies. Well done.