Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mmm... cuppa tea and a fondant fancie!

The quote on the left came from a cushion I recently bought and I thought it was very apt after my fab Christmas gift.

My Design Matters Paints. I use these paints a lot they are water colour with intense ink. They can be very subtle or intensely vibrant plus great value for money.

Mmmmmm fondant fancies, one of my favourite nibbles with a nice cup of Twinning English breakfast tea.
A couple of days ago I was shopping in Asda and I noticed Twinnings English breakfast tea was on roll back so I popped a box in my shopping basket. As I turned the corner there was an end promo of Mr Kipling cakes. I could not fight the temptation and a box of Fondant Fancies fell in the basket for me and a box of mini Baternbergs went in for Colin. I wouldn't mind, its not like the cupboard isn't still full of chocolate's and biscuits from Christmas but here's me buying cakes! I should also mention that every day since the first of January I keep saying "my diet starts tomorrow" only I am not sure which tomorrow it's meant to start. Last night I made myself a cuppa and demolished two (I no greedy pig) fondant fancies whilst sketching the box. I wouldn't mind I sometimes sketch to occupy my mind when I feel the munchies coming on but obviously this was not one of those occasions.


Kath said...

but they are so small you have to have 2. If you have just one "it would make a fool of your mouth", as my Nan would say.

Susan said...

Haha Kath I like that saying your Nan must have been a very wise lady :) x