Thursday, 22 January 2015

All the imperfections!

No 65: draw your sink. I chose the bathroom sink.

My interpration of the bathroom sink.

No 43: Draw something made of china or ceramic.

I'm really enjoying this challenge. I hope I am not boring you all with post after post of my daily(ish) sketches. It wasn't until I popped the photographed image and the sketched image on my blog that I noticed all the imperfections.  Not round enough, not in proportion, to long, to short, the shading is wrong, the colour not quite right etc... the list is endless. A while ago this would have totally disheartened me, I'd have become upset and think failure! whats the point? Today however, I have a different out look. I tell myself "ok its far from perfect but I enjoyed creating it and I have learnt a lot during the process". Now I look at all the imperfections and try to learn from them. I am not saying this then makes the next one perfect, far from it but what it does do is give me a reason to move forward. In today's sketch I was totally baffled when I tried to mix the colour for the body of the teapot and cup. Normally I would just mix what I think resembles it then go straight to the page. This time I took a totally different approach as you can see from the image above. I took an extra piece of paper and did multiple mixes of colour until I find what I considered to be closet. I think this was the hardest part of today's sketch but again I learnt a lot. Especially about mixing the colours blue and yellow. I think I might draw this teapot and cup again and see if there is a improvement from the first sketch? However for now I think its time for cuppa. 


Lin said...

There is a lovely quirkiness about your drawings Susan - I love them. And yes, it is not so much about the result but how you got there and what you learnt along the way. xx

Joan Mc said...

You know the old saying 'if at first you don't succeed. try try again!! I wish I was half as talented. I love seeing what you're doing, as you know, what a mix of ideas.luv Joan