Saturday, 13 June 2015

Out came the paints.

My first page in my finish me art journal.

Second page finish me art journal.
Mini water colour doodle from yesterday.
 Another water colour doodle from yesterdays beautiful poppy's.
I was up rather early this morning and decided to print out some of the photos I took of yesterdays little trip. I couldn't resist starting with the gorgeous poppy images. My finish me art journal was on my desk and when I turned the page the existing black lines just shouted out to be filled with beautiful red poppy flowers. The following page already seemed to have the beginnings of a poppy so that to was easy. I have lost count as to how many times I have looked through my finish me art journal and haven't got a clue what to put on the pages. Also how ironic that my first art piece are poppy's seeing as Laura Kemshall is known for her amazing poppy quilts. I have to admit that the second page I did borrow her idea of extending the stems across to the opposite page, I am sure she won't mind.  The other two images are from a tiny A6 oink (pink pig) mini sketch book I took with me yesterday.


Leanne said...

You are so talented Susan,your poppies are beautiful,

Lin said...

Lovely Susan. xx