Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Oh if only.....

Applique Scarecrow tote bag.

Nice little tin lunch box to store my basted hexies.

Hexie quilt so far.
I could freeze time! I realised that I have already had one month of Uni, scary. I really need to crack with the summer projects but before I do I just had get my Scarecrow applique tote bag out of my head .  Sadly I am not 100% happy with him. You know when you have a vision or image in your minds eye but the real thing doesn't live up to that vision? Well this is how I feel about this little guy. Don't get me wrong I think he is cute but not quite how I wanted. Oh well I am sure whoever wins this little tote bag at the FOQ will give him a good home. 

Last week I decided to dig out my hexies that I started two years ago whilst travelling to and from uni on the train. Sadly, they got put to one side last summer and I never went back to them. I kept the basted hexies in two plastic take away tubs, until a couple of weeks ago when I bought this little vintage style tin lunch box, £1.99 Home Bargain.  It is adorably cute and a great size to take some hand sewing out and about. Everyday over the last week I have either sewn several hexagons together or basted some new hexagons to add to the tin whilst watching TV. My lovely friend Lin in France said it is EPP week so how on trend am I and I didn't even know it!:P


Joan Mc said...

I think you have done lots since you finished uni. I like the look of your hexi quilt they do take some time though. It was Southport quilters 25th Birthday today, with Stuart Hilliard, from the Sewing Bee, as our guest speaker.He was very entertaining. We had a lovely tea, so a most enjoyable afternoon.

Lin said...

Well I love your scarecrow bag and if I was going to FOQ I would be hoping to win it. It looks super. Lovely to see your hexies - the tin is great by the way, a little more imaginative than my chocolate boxes - you have a great collection and your quilt is going to be gorgeous. What size are you planning? Have a great weekend. xx

Kath said...

Oh the hexies are so addictive. I have them on the go all year round, my present project is about 3 years old LOL
I am looking forward to seeing what you make with yours.