Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sew on and sew on and sew on.

McCalls Quilting magazine April 2000 issue.

Made June 2015.
As you can see I am still busy sewing and I am still enjoying every minute of this very indulgent pass time. Today I thought I'd share my latest quilt. The magazine was the very first quilting magazine I bought in 2005 from my first regional day in Frodgham. It was three magazines for £1, I haven't got a clue what the other two where but I fell head over heals in love with the quilt on the front cover. I was very new at this point to patchwork and quilting and had only recently joined Liverbirds, however over a period of a few weeks I painstakingly made the quilt. I then got into trouble when it came to layering it and quilting it because I did not have enough knowledge of either. I decided I'd try to unpick what I had done and in doing so I managed to cut right through the quilt top. I was sad as I threw it in the bin, it was beyond salvaging.  Sunday morning I was flipping through my book shelf and came across the magazine with a post it note book marking the page of the quilt. Seven hours later I had almost finished the top then life got in the way. This morning I managed to finish the top and I have just a few more rows of basting to do then I will need to seriously think about how I am going to quilt it.  So far so good, I think it is a lovely little quilt. In the magazine it is called Baby nine patch but my quilt is called "Gwen" because the colours, especially the green, remind me of my fab friend Gwen. Speaking of green, the green fabric is actually left over from the original one I made in 2005 and cost me £22 a meter ! Well enough said back to the basting. X:)


Joan Mc said...

What a pretty quilt! You obviously still had it at the back of your mind to make it some day.luv Joan

Lin said...

It's gorgeous Susan! no wonder you fell in love with it. What a shame you had to throw the first one but I am so glad you have made another. Beautiful. xx