Thursday, 7 January 2010

Da Ja Vu:

Due to the adverse weather I was unable to make the trip into Liverpool town centre to purchase a bag of stuffing. It left me feeling quite frustrated, as I was itching to finish the second doll I had made. I decided to make the most of my confinement and I caught up on all the house hold chores. All that remained was my sewing room. There are times I feel when we need to be ruthless and have a good clear out. As I was about to start my daughter rang saying my little man had been given his first set of needles and he was most distressed by the ordeal. Thinking about my grandson and his needles as I walked back into my sewing room, I remembered I had ear marked a lovely little stitchery for a pin cushion in one of the Tone Finnanger books. Now all I need is some stuffing to complete this little project. Erm doesn't that sound like da ja vu?????


Kath said...

That is very pretty. I have always liked red embroidery. I'm sorry about your little pumpkin, lot's of extra hugs from his Granny. What does he (his parents) call you? Nanny and Granny sound too old for you!

Gwen said...

Hi Susan, yes we are all feeling trapped by this weather, but I've done lots of sewing instead of walking around the shops "browsing" and wasting time! I love all the things on your blog and look forward to our next meeting and some show n tell! Happy New year and hope baba got over his needles experience quickly! luv Gwen xx

Susan said...

Hi Ladies, thank you both for your lovely comments. Cole is none the worse for his little jabs. I was with mum and babe today, he was his usual happy little self. Michaela and Ian call me nana or nanny. Sometimes when he is gurgling or cooing away I say yes you tell nanny all about it. It feels a little strange me being a nan. But I love it. xxx