Monday, 11 January 2010

T-shirts from around the world:

My niece Paige has recently had her bedroom re-decorated with new fitted wardrobes. Yesterday my sister and I helped her sort through her clothes and hang them up, in the new wardrobes. Whilst doing this Paige came across all the t-shirts her Nana had brought her back from her holidays through out the years. Reluctant to throw these away, as they obviously held sentimental value to Paige, I suggested we turn them in to a memory quilt. Paige was delighted with this idea and i took the t-shirts home. This morning I have cut the all fronts of the t-shirts out. I have stabilized the fronts with bond-a web and white cotton fabric. White cotton fabric was recycled from Paige's school Lab coat. That's as far as I have got today. I now need to think about how to put all these pieces together?

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Kath said...

I can't wait to see this in progress, what a fab idea!