Monday, 18 July 2011

Art on the go:

I have two sketch books on the go at the minute both are my summer work for art college in September.
This page is from the to kill a mocking bird sketch book. You have to read a book from a list given to you by the college and make sketches or gather images that depict passages or descriptions in the book. I chose to kill a mocking Bird, it is a book I have wanted to read for a long time so here was the perfect opportunity.
I love doodling and this page is just one big doodle.
Above Sea Horses, after a trip to the world wild Musuem and below still life, apples.
I am suppose to draw for 20 minutes each day in the second sketch book. The subject matter can be anything I like and this sketch book has lots of various subjects. I have put a few pics of different pages in this book. This project is not new to me, as I have kept a sketch book on the go since City & Guilds. However, the other sketch book is something different and I'm enjoying reading the book then trying to imagine what the character looks like based on the description.  How people may have dressed during the 1930's, what the houses where like etc...... I have to say I also do a little bit of research in the Internet to help me with some visual aids, not sure if this is a bit of a cheat. Never mind, I will soon find out in September.


Gwen said...

you're so clever Susan! xxcalnes

Gwen said...

ooooops! take no notice of the letters at the end, they are the funny letters you have to type to send the message, but I tagged them onto the end by mistake!

Susan said...

Haha ok Gwen will do. Thak you for the lovely complament you are too kind xx:)

judith said...

I don't think it is a cheat to have the internet to help. All your work seems to me to be very individual anyway, very much your own work. Surely it is how you interprate (wrong spelling I know! sorry) what you see on the internet. What I am trying in such a longwinded way to say is, it is ok!!!!!
Judith xx

Susan said...

Arr thanks judith your right its not cheating, its research lol see you tomorrow xx