Sunday, 31 July 2011

Strolling through the gardens at Tatton Park:

We had a fabulous day out yesterday at Tatton Park. We did not go until late afternoon so we only managed to see the garden.  That means we need to go again to see the house and the farm.
Arr isn't this a lovely picture of mother and daughter!
Peek a boo:
A couple of photos of the Japanese garden. It was so peaceful and tranquil here.

The weather was glorious and we baked in the afternoon sun. We had a lovely picnic lunch then a leisurely walk around the gardens.  The whole day was such a tonic and it certainly recharged my batteries.


Kath said...

Love the Japanese garden, that is just beautiful.
Glad it lifted your spirits, gardens can do that I find.
Not my garden tho LOL we have been sweating away digging up weeds and stones all morning :-D

Gwen said...

Welcome back Susan, hurry and get your mojo back, I've missed you blogging! Flowers look lovely, and you'll get there with your quilt! x

Susan said...

Kath the day will soon be here when the only thing you need to do in your garden is open the wine, sit back and enjoy the flowers.xx

Arr Gwen thanks its so nice to be missed lol. I think I just need a break. I have managed two sew two FW blocks will post them tomorrow. xx

Leanne said...

That looks like a beautiful day out, the gardens are gorgeous.

Susan said...

Oh Leanne the garden was just stunning but then the weather helps and it was beautiful sunshine all day. x