Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I bought this tiny paint set at the shop in Port Sunlight, I just couldn't resist it.
When I was a little girl my Nanna worked in a post office. She worked on the side that sold the greeting cards, stationary and other bits and bobs. It also sold some kids toys, not many just a few little things. On a Saturday morning I would call into the post office to escort my Nan home and she would say pick a toy I often picked a little plastic basket with tiny balls of wool in and little knitting needles. Then for the rest of the day I would mither the life out of her to teachme how to knit. Or a dolly peg and she would show me how to work the dolly with the wool to make a big long plated chain. Occasionally I would chose a paint set exactly like this one only bigger and a colouring book. Looking back she must a breathed a sigh of relief when I chose the paints and the book because I would sit at the table painting away for hours.  only occasionally requesting some clean water. So you see I had to buy these little paints they flood my mind with such wonderful memories.


Kath said...

Oh that is so cute, I remember having a similar set. But you reminded me that I had a post office set which I loved and sent my Aunt a postal order, using one of the toy stamps on the envelope LOL

Leanne said...

that is just so sweet Susan, its so little.
I sent you a letter on Monday but I forgot to seal the envelope so i hope you get it in one piece, It wasn't until later when I realised I hadn't put the fabric in but then of course it was too late.
Have a great day

Susan said...

Oh kath I had one to and a little till witn money me and my brother would play shop for hours. x

thanks leanne, i will let you know as soon as it arrives. x