Friday, 8 July 2011

A Fall, a House and a Church.

This is Sudley House.
Today I went to see the Costume Drama Exhibition (1790-1850's clothing) that is being held at Sudley House despite the rain. I have never been to Sudley House before and I really enjoyed my visit. The special exhibition made it all the more exciting.  I have to say that women during this period of time must have been tiny, my daughter who is a size 8, would have been hard pushed to fit into them.  Not only small in size but in height too. It really was fascinating to see such garments and wonder about the woman who wore them.  

On the corner of Mossley Hill Road just before you get to Sudley House is a beautiful church called, St Mathew and St James. Unfortunately it was closed so I did not get to see inside. However, I did walk around its little grounds and took several pictures of its arc windows and wrought iron gates. This beautiful yellow flower caught my eye in the grave yard, I don't know what it is but I think it is just lovely. 
I was having such a lovely day until the bus journey home I did not feel very well. Yesterday I had a bit of a fall on the train. It was all very very embarrassing, I stood up to fix me grandson in his pram and did not realise the seat I was sitting on was spring loaded. Yes you guessed it I sat back down only to land on the floor. At the time I knew I had hurt my arm but other than that I was fine, just embarrassed.  People on the train where so nice helping me up etc... I rang my sister when I got in and we laughed about it. Later on in the evening I felt quite unwell but still did not associate it with the fall.  I must have banged my back in the fall and the hour long bus journey to Sudley House and back home did not help. So I think I may have to take it a little easy for the next few days.


Kath said...

Poor you, yes you must put your feet up and be spoiled ;-D

Susan said...

I don't know about being spoilt but I will put my feet up today and let the pain killers take effect. So silly of me just did not realise the seat had sprung back. At least i can laugh about it hehehehe :)

judith said...

Hope you are feeling a bit easier now and you will soon be back to your usual busy self. Also hope that you are not bruised, although they do come in lovely colours! I didn't realise that you hadn't been to Sudley before. It is quite local for me. Apart from the exhibitions, it is a lovely house to visit, and on a nice day the gardens are pleasant to sit in. Take care Judith xxx

Susan said...

Hi Judith, You are not wrong about the bruises lovely blues and greens with a bit of purple thrown in for good measure. Im not as achy today but have still taken it easy. :)x