Sunday, 16 June 2013


More sketches from my tea time moments.

As you can see here I added flowers to the teapot and went on to teaspoons.

Its strange how inspiration can just it you right out of the blue. I decided to fill in my application for Harrogate in September (entering the cot quilt category), as I was doing this I read the theme category "Its an Illusion". Now I have only ever entered the theme category once many years ago when I was very new to quilting and did not have a clue.  I wondered as to what on earth one could make for such a theme and my curiosity got the better of me. Before I knew it I found an image that I made me think, I could turn that into a quilt/wall hanging. It is in its very early stages and I am not even sure if it will work or if I will even enter it. However, I still have a couple of weeks to decide so for now I will just see how it goes.


Lin said...

I love your pretty sketchbook pages Susan and look forward to seeing the quilt develop.

Susan said...

Hi Lin well the quilt has had to go back to the drawing board as it did not work out first time around. :0