Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The photographers exhibition....

"Beauty and the beast" oh ye and the photographer.

These Colin took on our day to Keswick. I waited for over an hour in the car as Colin took the pier image waiting for the sun to go down.

One of my favourites. He took this whilst we were walking along Heswall marina.
Today Colin took me to Southport College to see their end of year show. Please forgive my little digital camera as I tried to take pictures of the images he has exhibited.  I love seeing other peoples work and whilst there we also took a sneek peak of the other shows in the art and media departments. Next week I will be attending Liverpool Community College the Art foundation course end of year show and Uclan Textile degree show.


Kath said...

Wonderful! Colin is very talented. He's a bit of a looker too, you kept that quiet LOL

Susan said...

Haha I think he's easy on the eye but then I'm bias lol. x :)