Friday, 14 June 2013

Mug or cup?

 For me it has to be a tea cup whenever possible. I am quite fussy when it comes to mugs or cups. I can not abide thick heavy docker mugs, I like dainty delicate china or porcelain mugs or cups to drink tea from. I adore tea cups with matching saucers, I feel they are the pinnacle of the great British cuppa. For some unknown reason I awoke this morning thinking about tea cups. After the general house work I rummaged through my inspiration folder which contains hundreds of images I have collected from magazines, books flyers etc. I then grabbed a new sketch book and began to scribble. However, this was not enough so I began to browse the Internet for further inspiration as well as taking photographs of my own tea service. I love my tea service but sadly I left the saucers in the other flat when we moved out. (Warning check all kitchen cupboards one last time when moving house before handing over the keys.) I am no photographer (DH will probably shudder when he sees my attempts) but that's ok because I want to print the images out to trace around there shape. This will allow me to put my own spin on the cups when I come to add colour.  Contrary to belief I don't always draw my images, sometimes you want instant results so tracing is a great way to provide an accurate outline. For those of  you who say "I can't draw"  that's fine because you don't have to, just trace your image instead. Again not sure where this work will lead, I'm feeling a little lost at the moment but at least I am enjoying being creative.


Kath said...

I can not abide thick heavy docker mugs

Nor me!!

I save the chunky ones for the builders. I only like very thin bone china mugs, but I keep some dainty cups and saucers for when my Mum comes.

Have you seen those little cottages that people have made to sit on tea cups, they look very cute, with chimneys, flowers and trees, grass and tiny windows.

Caz said...

Mugs for me,, only use tea cups when I visit the m-i-l. Like your sketching, and colouring.

Susan said...

hi Kath no i havnt seen the little cottages. Ive seen tea cups turned into pin cushions which are quite nice. :)

hi Caz glad you like them. I love to sketch its so relaxing. :)

Leanne said...

Your tea cups are so pretty and your drawing is amazing as usual, you are so talented. I like dainty tea cups but I drink my tea from a china mug, cups are just too small.

Susan said...

Hi Leanne thank you. Oh yes I like china mugs they are exceptable lol :)

Lin said...

I too hate heavy mugs - I love mine to be fine and preferably with lots of pretty flowers on. I have a lovely set that I bought from the National Trust and used for years until one of them gained a crack. Now they hang on my dresser and look pretty and hopefully will remain intact!