Sunday, 16 June 2013

Where's my name?

A few weeks ago when we had that glorious sunny weather we took Cole to the park but first port of call was to the pound shop to buy a ball. Whilst there my sister bought me a paint your own pig money box. Needless to say the paint brush in the box was a really bad stiff nylon kids brush and I decided to take it home to paint. However I forgot all about it until I was rummaging around in my sewing room. Out came the acrylic paints and I set too. Whilst we where on holiday Colin bought me a cupcake money box that had my name on it but he was not able to find one with Michaela's name on. This has been the case since she was born so I decided to add her name to the piggy box and surprise her. I know she will love it and even more so because it was painted by me. This was such a fun little project to do and all for £1.

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