Saturday, 16 November 2013

A funny sort of day

Rabbit meets Alice

The day began with a text message from my friend Judith asking if I had sent her an email at 4.30 am? I knew that something was wrong and after checking my email I discovered I had been hacked. It has taken the best part of the day to sort it all out. I now have a new email and have changed the the log in password for my original email account and hopefully stop whoever has hacked it sending anymore bogus emails posing as me. My homework today was to learn how to make a brush stamp on photo shop, a motif and curves in Illustrator but after being on the lap top sorting out the hacked email I decided I'd had enough technology for one day. Out came the coloured pencils and the Red Book,which is another Uni project and the drawing comenced. I am still trying to teach myself how to draw girls and this is what I came up with today. She reminded me of Alice from Alice in wonderland so I had to introduce my little rabbit.


Lin said...

Do wish I had your drawing skills Susan - 'Alice' is lovely. Such a shame about the hacking especially when it wastes so much time. By the way, what is a brush stamp?

Susan said...

Hi Lin yes it was a pain took up most of the day. A brush stamp is a tool you can make in photo shop where you take or create an image basically stick it to a brush and then you can stamp the image endlessly. All digitally of course. I supose its the digital version of cuting out a image using funky foam sticking that to a block and press in some ink and you have created your own foam stamp. :)