Friday, 1 November 2013

Fingers crossed so far so good.

And so it begins, making the actual paper dress. This morning I have painted the back but I now have to wait for it to dry as colours can often dry lighter than when they are wet.  As my colour palette is quite bright and vibrant I may have to be a bit more generous with the paint and a little less so with the water for the front, This is the main part of the dress that will be seen when it is hung on the wall when exhibited. I have also experimented with 3d flowers, which again are going well.  I cant afford the luxury of sitting and watching paint dry so I'm off to tackle the ironing.


Kath said...

that is fascinating, I remember in the 60's my Aunts having paper dresses! I'm sure there were paper knickers as well :-D

Susan said...

Thanks Kath. I have painted the front and back, tried to do it so it looks like batik because I couldnt avoid brush marks by simply painting it. I have started to add the flowers and its coming along really well. :) x

Lin said...

Delicious colour.