Tuesday, 26 November 2013




Short toed tree creeper.
On a Wednesday I have Drawing for textiles and as part of this module we are meant to keep an A3 sketch book.  We can draw, collect images of other artist work, sketch, paint, collage, basically anything goes with this sketch book. I have to say I am not a big fan of large sketch books, I seem to have a fear of drawing big. I like to draw small then get the image enlarged via a scanner of photo copier. I have had the A3 sketch book for a couple of weeks and I have just looked at it with dread. However, time is ticking on and I thought I better get a move on. My first scribbles are the butterflies using different types of mediums, pencil, paint and graphite pencils.  The images I have drawn are the the ones on the right but I bet you already guessed that.  Today I was stuck for inspiration until I read Linda Kemshall blog and was inspired by the series of birds she is painting on small wooden panels. I have a lovely bird book and decided to have a go myself. For the Kingfisher I have used a very special gift from my lovely friends Janet and Emma. A big set of Derwent water colour pencils and for the Short Toed Tree Creeper I have used two graphite pencils and topped him up with my Derwent ink intense sticks. I am pleased with the end result because I felt I'd been a bit ambititous with the tree creeper, he was not easy to draw.


Kath said...

beautiful! very delicate and sensitive. You are a real artist Susan.

Lin said...

Beautiful Susan - I do wish I had your drawing skills. xx

Susan said...

Thank you ladies.X

Kath you are a very talented artist to but youve not mentioned your drawings for sometime now? X

Lin, you may not belive this but anyone can draw it just takes practise and what you believe to be drawing. Last week I drew to music "the planets". If you had seen the final piece it was just a load of scribbles but it was still classed as drawing. It was how the hand and mind worked to the rythm of the music. Ye bit deep but I really enjoyed the freedom of that particular style. Anyway have a little go at doodling and i bet you will surprise yourself. X

Lin said...

Well yes, I can draw but I have nothing that I would want to frame and hang on the wall whereas your birds would look beautiful framed and hung. xx

Lin said...

Lovely to see your Kingfisher on Linda's blog!