Monday, 7 March 2011

All that glitters:

At last the top of my black and gold quilt is finally completed. I finished the last boarder today. It was on my to do list and has been for quite sometime. It needed to be finished because it is beening shown, on Saturday, as part of show and tell at the regional day, along with the other people who have made a strippy log cabin quilt.


shirley l said...

Can't wait to see it "in the flesh" on Saturday. Looks stunning.

judith said...

I know I have seen this when it was nearly finished, but this has such a WOW factor doesn't it!
By the way my sister is now reading your blog, so no more comments on sunflowers please!!!!!!
Your whatever kind of friend

Kath said...

As Judith says, the WOW factor! I think its because the colours are unusual and a lovely contrast. I would not have dreamed of black and gold, but it is a real success.

Susan said...

Thank you as always ladies for your lovely comments, much appreciated. x

No worrys my lovely dear friend Judith, mums the word ;p x

It was a very good colour combination. I just wanted something a bit different Kath and to be honest it kind of all just fell into place. xx