Wednesday, 23 March 2011


A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about researching sunflowers? Well, I can reveal why. I was commissioned by my lovely friend Judith to make a journal quilt for her sister. Judith specifically asked for sunflowers and she was delighted at what I came up with. Seen as Jen has received her gift, I thought I'd post a pic. I loved making this journal cover and even went on to make Judith a little card to go with it. Speaking of journal covers, I took time out yesterday and made a few more but these ones are made a different way to the one i made for Judith. My favorite is the bigger of the four.


judith said...

I know Jen has e-mailed you to thank you for her gift. She was delighted with it. Well, who wouldn't be!
Sometimes, you know, I think you are just too cleaver for your own good! Oh that I was even half as good/talented!

shirley l said...

Susan They are amazing. Love the sunflower one.Where have you been hiding all your talent?

Kath said...

They are lovely, I really like the sunflower one, thats my favourite.

Susan said...

Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments.

Judith, my e-mail address is wrong in the quild newsletter, if thats the one you have given Jen cos i've not recieved a e-mail from her. However, not to worry I am glad she really liked her gift. I am also happy you trusty me enough to commission me and just say sunflower or blue or red hahahaha xxx

Shirley, I don't know about being talented, somethings just fall into place from bits and bobs. The brown ribon on the cover that says Journal, was from a bow thing you gave me ages ago. no you can't have it back lol xxx

I like the sunflower one to, Kath. I really enjoyed designing it and making it. xxx