Monday, 14 March 2011

Inspired by Sheena Norquay:

On Saturday, I attended the regional day, the guest speaker was Seena Norquay. Sheena's work certainly has the WOW! factor. Her talk was all about Grids, Lines and Curves and was really interesting. Sheena, showed us how and where she got her inspiration from. So today, with my digital camera in my pocket, I jumped on the bus and headed into Liverpool City centre. I took lots and lots of pictures, mainly concentrating on patterns on buildiings, railings and grids, here are just a few. I was certainly spoilt for choice, as Liverpool has the most amazing ornate buildings. I really enjoyed this little exercise and I can see lots of potential with the images I took today. Unfortunately, before I can release the Sheena Norquay quilt inside me, I have to finish the twelve days of christmas and the simple sample quilt I have just started.


shirley l said...

Sue. I am trying to figure out what buildings they are. I thought I knew the city very well, but I cannot figure these out x x x

Susan said...

The railing at the bottom is in st Johns Garden. The stone arch is the restuarant across the road next to the marriot hotel. i cant remeber what its called. The Railing witrh the Liverbird on is the top of the gates on blue coat chambers. One of the stone works is the side of M&S. xx

Susan said...

Hi again Shirley, forgot to also say the railing that looks like art deco tulips, is right facing you as you alight a bus from Queen square. Its on the wall of the Royal Court. xx