Friday, 25 March 2011

Sketching on :

One finished, one half done and one yet to be started, I am talking about the life drawings I am doing for college. This one, I did over the weekend, I felt I needed a break from the shirt and pearls drawing as it is quite intense. I have my last interview on Monday for Pre-foundation course Lcc. I am suppose to take a minimum of 3 drawings. I am going to add the other shoes I did and the sunflower although these are on A3 I don't think it matters. So I am off to Liverpool to but a plastic A2 carrier from Rennes art shop. Its another lovely sunny day and of course the camera will becoming with me, who knows what wonderful things I will see today.


shirley l said...

Susan. You will be the star pupil on that course, your work is fantastic. Will be rooting for you on Monday

Susan said...

Thanks Shirley my fantastic red shoe friend xxx lol xx

Kath said...

You will WOW them, for sure!
Enjoy every minute, you deserve it xx

Gwen said...

Susan I don't know how you fit all the drawing, photography AND visit ing Dot into your life! such talent too! can't wait to see your new fabrics! x

Susan said...

Thanks Ladies x

I am so looking forward to going Kath I think it will be a great experience. xx

Gwen, you should see the washing and the dishes piled high in the flat! Not to mention the layer of dust which I have come to believe its not dust but a really plush soft carpet hehehe xx