Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Who's sitting at my desk?????

On Sunday morning I needed to iron some items of clothing for me and my little man. The ironing board and iron are permenant fixtures in my sewing room. Cole is at that into every cupbaord and draw he can reach phase. Whilst I did the ironing, I sat him in the chair and tucked him under the table. Gave him some paper and pencils and he scribbled away to his hearts content. With our clothes for the day ironed, I went to get him down from the table. Not a good move, he was having a fine old time scribbling away. To stop the flowing tears i had to bring the paper and several pencils with us into the living room, where he then sat on the floor and scribbled whilst I tried to wash and dress him. I think its time I got the little man his own desk, some things just aren't ment for sharing.


Kath said...

Maybe he going to follow in your footsteps!

Leanne said...

He is so cute, I'm sure he is going to be as good as you are with your drawings.
Love Leanne

Susan said...

Thanks ladies. Yes, maybe he is an Artist in the making lol xx